3318 S. MILL AVE TEMPE AZ 85282
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                                                      ABOUT US
 Bienvenidos a  Cervantes Restaurant!  

We're here to provide you with almost 20 years of excellent Mexican Food and live Mariachi music. 

The preparation of our food by professional cooks is based on fresh and quality ingredients. Our mission is to serve you in a family-oriented environment and atmosphere, and to make your experience exemplary. In addition, to our authentic cuisine,
Mariachi music is provided by professional musicians.

 Cervantes Restaurant's Mariachi music is a tradition passed on for generations.
Our family musicians  passed on the music  from generation to generation; my Grandfather to my Father to us, our children, and our grand children.

My Grandfather was self- taught as well as teaching my father and aunts and uncles. He  also made some of the first wood instruments used by our relatives. One of my uncles, Agustin Cervantes was well-known for  making and repairing wood instruments in the L.A. area. Mu brother Cesar  also  continued the art of repairing the wood instruments.   
(602) 550-1218
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